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Pr - Mobile Kiosk Browser

5.6 usd

Pr is the most advanced and fastest Mobile Kiosk App for Android.Build with the latest Web Standards and Hardware Accelerated Webview - Pr offers amazing Speed to view your Web Content offline or online. Use it for public kiosks, interactive digital signage etc.Pr support 28 Languages - if i you miss your language please contact me.
ImportantStandart Login & Password:
Login = adminpass = pass
You can change this in the Settings Menu to your own needs.If you forgot the Password - Delete the App and reinstall it.The App run’s also in Background so to restart press the home button 2x and swipe up on the App to stop it. Next time you start with the App Start Screen.
With Pr you can:• View a Webpage in Kiosk Mode (Fullscreen without Browser Elements, Statusbar etc.)• View Webpages Online (All HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript Standards are supported)• View Webpages Offline (Store your Webpage in the App Documents folder)• View any compatible mp4 video fullscreen without controls so the user can not stop the video.• Show up tp 1080p HQ video Pr Support:All web content that run on Mobile OS• YouTube, Vimeo, MP4, H264 etc• all HTML 5 compatible Videos with fullscreen support!• all HTML 5 compatible Audio with streaming support.• PDF View with Hardware Acceleration!• Full Bootstrap 3.x Support! (Build Responsive Websides or App's)
Here are a few examples what you can do with Pr:• View a Webpage offline or online Fullscreen without Browser Elements or Statusbar• Use it as a Kiosk App on Exhibitions, in Museum or Local Presentations• Build a Webpage that looks like a App and use Pr to show it.• Use a iPad as a Terminal• Use Pr to do Quality Management Task like survey's on or offline (PHP full supported)• Build a App in HTML5 and use Pr as a App Starter• For TV & Film Production to simulate real App’s in Movies! Because the power of iOS & Hardware Acceleration you can do facy stuff!• For Business Marketing to do survey’s @ locations (Exhibitions, Airport, Hotel, Meetings etc)• Build your own Video Chat or communication system• Build your own App based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and distribute it to your clients.• Build a Game and distribute it…• Photo Kiosk or Terminal
so there are so many things you can do with Pr and your own imagination… be creative!feel free to contact me or tell us in a comment for what you use Pr. This will help me to make Pr even better and others to get more ideas where to use Pr. Thank you
In the App Settings you can setup Pr to start direct with the HTML Side so that it looks like a Real App.
You can fully customize the App to your needs:• Change the Start Screen Titel• Change the Logo Graphic• Change the Start Button Graphic• Change the Background Color• Change the Text Color• Change the Language (28 Languages are supported)• Change Login & Password
Important:If you run in any Problems like forgot the Password etc.Delete the App from the Device and install the App new.Then all Settings are reset and you can start again.
Pr is available for iOS (iPhone & iPad), AndroidMac & Windows coming soon.
If you need your own Brand App with your own icon etc. or you need special features…Please feel free to contact me :-)I also offer iPad Stands.
we used it for:-Loyalty Sign-Up-Survey Data Capture-Event Registration-Patient Check-In-Retail Applications-Building Directories-Facebook Like Us-Digital Signage-Endless Aisle Retail-Rentals-ATM-Self service-Hiring / Job apps-Apt Check ins-Vending-Slot Machines-Surveys, customer feedback-Product displays/ information-Conference room scheduler-Retail Sales terminal-Customer loyalty-Tourist destinations for maps and directions-Informative-Catalogs-Surveys-Donations-Customer feedback-Email/data collection-Menus